EmailDrop provides comprehensive list management and data services to help you begin monetizing your consumer data, or modify your current strategy to boost your marketing ROI. We take the hard work, maintenance, and guessing out of email marketing. We can help you maximize the revenue you receive from your e-mail data. We work exclusively with all of our data partners and can bring you maximum revenue per e-mail record. Apply today and one of our list managers will reach out to you immediately.

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List Management

Our seasoned marketers evaluate your email list, honing in on your consumer base to peak interest and deliver relevant content resulting in increased return on investment and maximizing your revenue.

We handle all the set up regarding hardware and software, and perform all list maintenance, data cleaning, and unsub tasks for you. Simply put, start posting your email data to EmailDrop and we will take care of all the work and send you a check every month. Maximize your revenue with us.

Copy Writing

Let our experts develop your email creatives and write ad copy for your campaigns

CAN-SPAM Compliant

We are 100% in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act.

Data Servicing

We handle all the cleaning and bouncing of your data records for you.

Trust EmailDrop With Your Data

Your customers will want our emails and you will get paid for it. We understand mailing, have mailed for 10+ years, and are fully CAN-SPAM compliant. Our account reps will go over our mailing strategy with you and make sure you feel comfortable before sending the first email. We will interact with your customers in a way that they benefit from while producing top dollar per email record.

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